Is Your Warriors OC a Mary Sue?

hello there! I'm Foxflames, a ginger and black chimera cat with one blue eye and one green eye. This quiz will tell you if your cat is a mary sue or not.

If you're wondering what a mary sue is it is basically a character or OC that is overly powered has strange features and/or appearances and has a completely perfect or overly tragic life

Created by: Foxflames

  1. what is their gender?
  2. what is their backstory like
  3. what is their coloration
  4. do they have any unusual features? (horns, wings, etc.)
  5. do they have any drama in their lives
  6. how do they deal with their drama
  7. a cat from another clan kills a cat that is close to your character, you:
  8. your leader is apprenticing three kits and there are four eligible cats for their mentors and one of them is you when you don't get picked you:
  9. what is your cats' personality?
  10. is your cat really good at something imparticular? (hunting, fighting etc.)
  11. okay, time for a little roleplay, you are in a battle and your leader is in trouble, but your mate is too. you can only save one and the other one dies.
  12. you saved your leader but your is about to die, you:
  13. you saved your mate but your leader was on his last life and he died.
  14. How did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Is my Warriors OC a Mary Sue?