Is Your OC A Mary Sue? Find out here!

Hello! If you have made up a character that you want to know if they are a good character or not, you have come to the right place! Take this short quiz along with a few jokes and funny questions along the line and be off!

Please do not be offended if your character is a mary sue. At the end, i am sorry for any offence i may have said to you or any discomfort this has provided. I hope you enjoy the quiz!

Created by: Game_Break

  1. Is Your Charicter Male Or Female?
  2. Character Age:
  3. Does Your Character Have A Bad Past Or Tragic Events Happen In Their Past?
  4. How Many Other Characters In Your Character's Universe Fall in love/have a crush on your character?
  5. How Powerful Is Your Character?
  6. Is Your Character Royalty of some sort?
  8. Do they have multi colored eyes or flashing colored eyes or hair?
  9. Does Your Character Always Save The Day?
  10. Is Your Character Half wolf, demon, angel, vampire, werewolf or that stuff?
  11. Is your character super special or something like that?
  12. is your character a marie sue, do you think?
  13. (No effect) Do You Like This Quiz So far?
  14. Do you imagine your character to be Anime-like?
  15. Is Your Character gay?
  16. Does Your Character Nearly Die But Has Been Healed?
  17. How Fast Does Your Character Train
  18. Is Your Character "The Chosen One" For a GOOD reason?
  19. Does your Character have any mental or phisical (Bad spelling) disorders? ex: being mute, deaf, blind, Autistic ect..
  20. Does Your character get bullied?
  21. Does Your Character have a remarkable singing voice and sings all the time with it
  22. Look back at your past awnsers. Reflect on them, do you still think your character is a marie sue?
  23. Is your Character the last/only of it's kind or species?
  25. Is Your Character Immediatly Liked by everyone when they get introduced?
  26. Does Your Character just KNOW everything without explanation?

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Quiz topic: Is my OC A Mary Sue? Find out here!