Is your character a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu?

Now, some people have OC/s (original character/s) and some are... OP (overpowered) to say the least. These creations are often hated and looked down on. A good character normally has a good colour palette (the colours go well together) has both good and bad traits and has reasoning to their actions/powers, just to name a few. (There are rare exceptions for these standards.)

Do you think that your character has the possibility of being a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stue (the horrible internet nickname for a perfect character. I myself don't like using those words, but there aren't many substitutes, so let's just stick with the official terms.) Good luck

Created by: Kikkarinn
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  1. Is this character a fan character?
  2. Is this character shipped with the main antagonist/the "hottest" character? (If they're not a fan character, click no.)
  3. Does this character have any sort of supernatural powers or links to things like witchcraft?
  4. Does this character have an unnatural hair colour? (Dyed hair doesn't count.)
  5. Does this character have any sort of a tragic past?
  6. Is this character loved by many in the world it's set in?
  7. Is this character the protagonist of the story?
  8. Does this character wear especially bright or neon colours and none of the colours go together?
  9. Does your character go on a long conquest for love?
  10. Does your character have a mental disorder that is basically a stupid excuse for their bullcrap actions?
  11. Does your character just have a mental disorder in general? (And it is portrayed in a mature and sensible fashion.)
  12. Is your character 'insane'?
  13. Does your character save people all the time and is honoured and treated like a hero by many?
  14. Is your character orphaned/adopted or raised by anyone who isn't their biological parents?
  15. Is your character a 'precious scared bean all the time but when it comes to a scary situation they're the bravest and strongest'?
  16. Does your character have LOADS of powers and weapons?
  17. And the penultimate question: Is your character crushed on by basically everyone, and only loves the person who doesn't love them back?
  18. Finally: is your character at all overweight, has small breasts (or do they have manboobs,) has acne, unhealthily skinny (this particular must be treated in a mature way) or basically whatever society deems 'unfit and undesirable and kys greasy'?

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Quiz topic: Is my character a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu?