is your OC a mary sue?

OCs. Most fans usually make them. Weather its from warrior cats to My Little Pony, people make their own. An OC stands for Original Character. Here is to see how good it really is.

A mary- sue is an Original Character that is too perfect, or has no flaws. Here's to see if your OC is flawless or fine. I'm going to get flamed in the comments aren't I? NOW BE HONEST. OR ELSE YOUW ILL NOT GET THE CORRECT RESULT.

Created by: Nyan

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  1. lets see... did their parents die? Did they kill someone? Are they pitied or depressed?
  2. can they be defeated?
  3. do they carry any weapons with them?
  4. do they have wings?
  5. are they married to canon characters?
  6. do they save the world multiple times?
  7. do they posses special powers? Unless it is a world were people can have powers. In that case, you can skip this question.
  8. are they especially known for their beauty? No, not in their town, I mean, the country or so. Does every one love them?
  9. are they good at everything?
  10. do they have a pet that is not a regular house pet? ex of house pet: (dogs, cats, birds,) ex on exotic pets: (tiger, wolf, coyote) unless they are in a world of what they can. Then you can skip it.

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Quiz topic: Is my OC a mary sue?