If you UTAU a Mary Sue

I hate mary-sues soo much oAo. I just went to the UTAU wiki and saw the biggest UTAU Mary-sue I know of. She was dating Len and Sekka Yufu was her best friend. I'm not saying anything else, I don't want to tell who it is.

Find out if your UTAU is a Mary Sue. Is she really as "Kawaii" as she seems. Ugh I hate it when people use the word Kawaii. Also it's so similar to Kowaii which I'm not sure but it might mean "scary".

Created by: Skullkittehs
  1. Did you take part of a vocaloid or another UTAU's name for your UTAU's name? (Hatsune Oni, Neko Akita)
  2. Is she or he described as a better singer/dancer than another vocaloid
  3. Does your character's outfit look a lot like Hatsune Miku's?
  4. Do you pair your character with a vocaloid
  5. Do you consider your UTAU a vocaloid or an unknowns vocaloid
  6. Does your UTAU look younger than she really is?
  7. Does your character have more than one attachment (homestuck horns, cat ears, fairy wings, and part mermaid)
  8. Is she one of the vocaloid's relatives
  9. Does she have magic powers?
  10. Does she have the same personality of another UTAU, vocaloid, or a different character from anime
  11. Does her name describe her personality? (Naibu ikari=Anger Inside, Shiawasena=happy)
  12. Is she extremely pretty
  13. Is she a lot like you
  14. Is she really thin with big breasts
  15. Does she have the ability to hypnotise people by singing?
  16. Can she do anything magical by singing
  17. Does a vocaloid die and your UTAU replace her or him
  18. Do you sometimes pretend to be your UTAU, try to display as him/her, imagine talking to her/him

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