Which Vocaloid (or Utau) couple are you?

There are many Vocaloid/Utau couples . They have their own songs, personalities, and people have opinions about them. In this quiz, the people getting paired are Gakupo, Gumi, Len, Teto, Kaito, Miku, Luka, and Rin.

Which Vocaloid/Utau couple are you? Are you GumixGakupo, GumixLen, TetoxKaito, MikuxKaito, LukaxGakupo, or RinxLen? Take this quiz and find out! See your song, what you're like, and what people think of you!

Created by: Kaela
  1. Ok, first things first. Do you like twincest couples?
  2. Alright. What do you think is Gumi and Gakupo's relationship?
  3. OK. What do you think about Utau-Vocaloid crossover couples (A Utau boy/girl and a Vocaloid boy/girl in a couple)? Yes, Teto is a Utau.
  4. (Why do people hate this question??) What's your favorite color?
  5. Honestly, what do people think of you?
  6. Which sounds more familiar?
  7. What would you like your relationship to be like?
  8. What could you over-look in a person?
  9. What trait can't you stand?
  10. Last question! This will have no effect on your score, but what do you think you will get?

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Quiz topic: Which Vocaloid (or Utau) couple am I?