What Vocaloid Are You?

What Vocaloid are you? Do you already know? This is my first quiz and hope that many people can play and enjoy it. Quizzes are great for boredom. I really hope this one is too!

I apologize for the many mistakes, ie typos and generic questions. I also apologise for the limited answers, as I can only put 10. I would love to do another quiz with more of my favorite Vocaloids, and one with Utaites or Fan made Vocaloids.

Created by: DarkStoneEdge
  1. ((This is my first quiz don't kill me)) What's your favourite out of these options?
  2. ((I was limited to ten results .-.)) What is your favourite food?
  3. How popular are you?
  4. Why do you sing? ((If you don't sing then another hobby))
  5. Love?
  6. ((I apologize for my typos)) How do you spend Valentines Day?
  7. Halloween?
  8. Easter?
  9. ((Fine I'll stop)) Which quality sounds most like you?
  10. Should I do another quiz with different results?
  11. I think I made it impossible to get Rin... oops
  12. Predict your result over the next two questions!
  13. Or are you?
  14. ((went and added more)) Which of there colors do you usually wear?
  15. How do you consider yourself? (negative things)
  16. How do you consider yourself? (positive things)

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Quiz topic: What Vocaloid am I?