Do You Know Your Vocaloid Trivia?

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Vocaloid has a surprising about of fans, but not all of said fans know Vocaloid too well. This is another trivia quiz. Al least I didn't include things about Vocaloid personality. Most common mistake I see.

I made this quiz because way too many people are idiots. I kept seeing quizzes with questions like "Who does ____ have a crush on?" and personality things. I also see translyrics in their questions, and that isn't fair. Not to mention all of the basic questions like "who's item is _____?" and incorrect facts, like "Who was the third vocaloid?" and the oldest choice being Miku.

Created by: DarkStoneEdge
  1. Who was one of the first Vocaloids?
  2. What does Miku's name mean?
  3. Who was the first bilingual Vocaloid?
  4. Which of the following is not a Vocaloid?
  5. What language did the first Vocaloid sing in?
  6. Is there a Vocaloid anime? If so, how many? (as of January 2015)
  7. What is the first song in the series including iNSaNiTY?
  8. What does P stand for?
  9. Who wrote the Story of Evil?
  10. What Vocaloid(s?) are viewed as the 'shota's?
  11. Which of the following Vocaloids have the same name as their voice provider?
  12. Which of the following is a Vocaloid?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know my Vocaloid Trivia?