Do you Know Vocaloid? Take this quiz!

( Sorry, I'm too lazy) Hi how are you? I'm doing great! You guys are Cute special, Nice and Cool! I'm a girl and I like Girls and Guys! Not supposed to tell you that but okay!

Do YOU know Vocaloid? Take this quiz to see my new OC's, Character fact, Rin,Len, KAITO,MEIKO,MIKU,ZUMI! Are you up to the challenge? Take this quix to find out!

Created by: Shadow_RinLeafBanana
  1. Who were the First vocaloids? ( OUT OF THESE)
  2. What does Miku's name mean? ( If you Translate it it won't work)
  3. Guess all my made up Vocaloids Names! (Try)
  4. Is this boring?
  5. Is this boring?
  6. What's your favorite ship??
  7. What are Vocaloids?
  8. Which one is spelled correctly?
  9. how old is MEIKO
  10. Can you Comment? I love you all you have so much potential! You're so special! (And I'm not saying that because the commenting)

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Vocaloid? Take this quiz!