How much are you like me?

Hey guys! Ok so everyone's different but if you want to see how much you are like me then take this quiz. (Oh & any cute boys can leave there phone numbers if they want) I'm a girl lol

So are you just like me or nothin like me? I hope you are but if your not that's fine because everyone's different & special in there own way. Have fun :)

Created by: Isis
  1. What's your hair color?
  2. What's your eye color?
  3. Are you romantic?
  4. Do you like sports?
  5. What type of movies you like?
  6. Have you ever had a boyfriend?
  7. Do you care about wearing makeup?
  8. What's your favorite subject in school?
  9. What can you not live without?
  10. How many siblings do you have?
  11. What's your favorite type of music?
  12. Are you boy crazy?? (For girls lol)
  13. Thanx for taking my quiz!!

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Quiz topic: How much am I like me?