Not your average life

Welcome to my quiz! This is my first quiz ever. So, I am sorry if it not that great. You could always comment and leave suggestions for me. Those would be greatly appericiated. They will probably be considered too. So please enjoy my quiz. The summary is about it below. If you would like to know about it.

This quiz is about a girl, you, who does not have an average life. All these crazy stuff happen to her. She even gets to meet three cute boys. Tyler, your friend since forever. Seth, a bad boy who is misunderstood by people. Then there is a mystery boy, who your very curious about.

Created by: DeathAngel321

  1. Your eyes flicker open to the sudden brightness of the sunlight pouring through your window. This makes your eyes quickly turn to the clock. Quickly you sit up in your bed and get up. 'I'm going to be late!' you think in your head. You quickly grab something from your closet and go get changed. When you come back out you look in the mirror at yourself. You see yourself in...
  2. You rush out of the house, and run down the block. While running you see the bus at the end of the block. You notice that your friend saw you, and is now taking his time to get on the bus. 'Thank you!' you think in your head as you near the bus. Finally you make it there, and find an unhappy bus driver. She was yelling at your friend to sit down. You look over at your friend, Tyler. He is tall being around 6 feet tall. His hair is short and is a dirty blonde. Tyler has golden eyes, which have always amazed you. He is not really strong, but he does have some muscles to him. You think...
  3. As Tyler sits down in an empty seat, you join him. You quickly thank him. Eventually you reach school. As soon as you reach 1st period you realize something. You forgot all of your things. Now normally there would be no problem. You would probably get a little lecture, and then told to call home. Well things didn't exactly go that way. An arguement arised when the teacher said something insulting about you. This got you detention after school. The day quickly passes, and soon enough it is time for detention. You walk in and see only one other person in here. The same person who is always in here, Seth. Seth is taller than Tyler, but just by a bit. His eyes are emerald green. His hair is brown. It short, but it is spiked up. He is strong, with his muscles being of a medium sized. You think...
  4. You take a seat by Seth. Since you don't want to be in a corner bored. "Hey, Seth." you say quietly to him, making sure the teacher doesn't hear. His emerald, green eyes flicker over in your direction. "Hey ------. What did you do to get here?" You explain to him what happens. His response to you is a simple nod. "What did you do?" Seth turns his face so you can completely see it. There was a bruise along his jaw line. Instantly you knew he had gotten into a fight. You pretty much could guess who won too.
  5. Time passed by rather quickly. Since you two passed the time awaying by talking. When you left you walked out into the cold, winter day. The sun was still shinning overhead, but it did not seem to make it any warmer. Your feet crunched in the icey, snow. You were heading to the park. It was a nice place to relax and think about everything. You sat on a bench, it was the only bench not covered in snow. You sat and thought about...
  6. Your thoughts were interrupted by crunching snow. Swiftly you turned your head in that direction. There was someone standing there, who was looking at you. Though you noticed they quickly averted their gaze when they saw you look at them. You turned your head back around and shrugged. It was probably just another person in the park. Even though it was dark outside now. So it would be a little strange for people to be out here. Your curiousity about the boy grew. So you decided to turn your head to look at him again. 'Just a quick look' you thought to yourself. When you turned around, he was gone. You thought about him. He had black hair that came just past the ears. His bangs covered one of his eyes. He had icey, blue eyes. He was strong, but his muscles were not as big as Seth's. You could not quite tell his height, but he looked a tad shorter than your friend, Tyler. You think...
  7. Your attention turned to how late it was. The sky was pitch black now. If you did not get home soon your parents would flip. So you got up from your bench, and started heading home. At first you were just heading the normal way, but it started to become later. So you decided to go through your usual short cut. All of a sudden there was a loud noise. Then you were jerked to the side, and a hand covered your mouth. You watched as some guys walked by with a knives. The thought that you were standing there just a few moments ago gave you the chills. Wait who had moved you out of the way?
  8. You looked over at the person who had moved you out of the way. It was the guy from the park. 'Who is he?' you thought to youself. As soon as he saw you look at him, he let you go. Then he slowly walked away from you. All you did was stand there and watch him go. You stood there staring in the direction he left.
  9. Remembering that it is really late you rush home. You aren't really paying close attention to where you are going though. Since you end up slipping down a steep hill. Only to find yourself blacked out at the bottom....Cliffhanger!
  10. So this concludes my first quiz. Leave comment, rate, or both. I would appericiate it. Also tell me who you like.

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