How well do you know WW2

Some people value history, but some prefer CoD Black Ops 2. Do you know the basic facts about World War 2? An average person would do well on this quiz.

Do you have what it takes to be an average person? Or will this quiz make you ashamed that you didn't pay attention in school. Find out right here, right now. Good luck!

Created by: Mike

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  1. When did World War 2 start?
  2. What were the sides?
  3. Who were the Allies?
  4. What happened on June 22, 1941
  5. Why did USA enter the war?
  6. This city was captured with no resistance by the Germans (including a welcoming ceremony)?
  7. The tide of war turned in
  8. The war turning around was triggered by...
  9. Hitler really hated who?
  10. June 4, 1944... what happend?
  11. The largest tank battle was in WW2. Which one?
  12. During WW2 Germans were mostly known for?
  13. When did WW2 end for all countries (except USA and Japan)
  14. Approximately how many people (including civilians) died?
  15. What big war followed right after WW2?
  16. Thanks for taking my quiz :) Ready for the results???

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