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The history of Bigfoot is a confusing one. Generally the media has put some bad facts together on paper, as well as a few well intentioned researchers.

Well here's your chance to step up and take a shot and see where your knowledge of basic Bigfoot History is at! Give it a try and don't worry, we don't keep scores!!!

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  1. The term "Sasquatch," was coined in 1924, from a Salish Indian word, "Sasquac," by what Canadian journalist?
  2. "Ape Canyon" was alleged to have been the scene of a siege against a group of hunters, by several Sasquatches. The hunter who came forth to tell the tale was:
  3. "Ape Canyon," Washington,was given the name because:
  4. The year the term "Bigfoot" was coined in the American media was
  5. The media craze of Bigfoot was inspired by a machine operator working in the Pacific Northwest, who casted large foot prints, by the name of:
  6. "Jacko" was originally the name of a creature allegedly discovered near what Canadian town?
  7. The year in which the alleged "Jacko" incident occurred was:
  8. The Patterson/Gimlin Film was shot in what month of 1967?
  9. The first American Settler to report a creature fitting a description of a Sasquatch was
  10. Which US President wrote of a Sasquatch like tale in one of his books or memoirs?

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