Are you ready to help the bikinian's? They need you'r help! Will you exceed or will you have to try again? Well this is a test on how well you've looked over my website!

ready for the quiz ready for the test! Let's go head on down to Biki Wiki Trivia! If you think you need to study last minuite then PLEASE go back to our website and look over the history and information provided....

Created by: Terin Brown & Kayla Bush of Help The Bikinians
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  1. What cultural area is Bikini Located in?
  2. What cultural area is Bikini Located in?
  3. About what year did the bombing take place
  4. What ocean is Micronesia located in?
  5. At what altitude was the bomb Able detonated at?
  6. At what altitude was Baker detonated at?
  7. About how many vessels were assembled at Bikini?
  8. What is the name of the president that gave the
  9. What year did the Bikinians build the lawsuit against the US
  10. Over what time period (in years) did it take to detonate 16 nuclear weapons?
  11. The second bomb of operation crossroads was set off?

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