Random Halo Trivia

This Quiz will test a broad range of Halo Trivia. Halo is a Great Series and Much more In Depth than Many People Realize. This quiz represents a minor Fraction of the detail and connections that many people have put countless hours into perfecting.

If you Dislike the Game, That's understandable, But many people don't play it merely for the war aspect. I myself Enjoy it for it's customization and complex and intricate storylines. Thanks for taking the Time to hear me out...

Created by: Daniel
  1. Who is The best Spartan Sniper?
  2. Who Spearheaded the Spartan-III Program
  3. Who is Spartan 043?
  4. Who is the Fastest Spartan?
  5. What is the "Uneven Elephant"?
  6. What was the Spartan Playground
  7. Who Composed the Halo Soundtrack?
  8. What is "The Ark"
  9. What is the "Cole Protocol"
  10. How Many Flood Forms Are there?
  11. Who said "Did you think me defeated!?!?"
  12. What are the "Unggoy"
  13. What is the covenant name for Brutes?
  14. What is Bungie's Favorite Number?
  15. When does a spartan "Wash Out"?
  16. Who Headed the Spartan-II Program?
  17. What is the Halo 2 name for the map that was Remade into Last Resort?
  18. Infection is
  19. On Halo 3, Level: Halo, There is a
  20. The Most Popular Custom Gametype on Halo 3 is

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