Are you a Halo: CE expert?

Yeah, the old game, Halo:Combat Evolved. Take place after the war on Planet Reach. This old game is beggining of any other Halo games. And by that I mean the PC version.

Yeah, are you an expert of this game? Take this quiz so you can know your level. Even experts will have a hard time deciding the right answer to prove to themself that they can be an expert

Created by: The Hunter
  1. Do you know how this game works?
  2. Do you prefer to have a sidekick by your side all the time?
  3. What human type weapons in this game you're good at?
  4. Which Covenant weapon you're good at?
  5. Which UNSC vehicles you like the most?
  6. Which Covenant vehicles you like the most?
  7. You're alone,and you saw a pair of Hunters ahead. What will you do?
  8. You're in a team, but your teammates betray you and help the opposing team. What will you do?(Multiplayer mode)
  9. Which difficulty level you like the most.(Campaign)
  10. What do you want to accomplish in Halo?
  11. You're in a wide area full with The Flood. You only have a turret warthog, a shotgun and an Assault Rifle. What will you do?
  12. Which character in Halo:CE you like the MOST?
  13. Which grenade you like the most?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Halo: CE expert?