What Halo Elite rank are you?

This halo quiz will tell you what rank of elite you are in the halo universe. The options are A: Spec Ops B: Ultra C: Zealot D:Honor Guard E: Officer.

Note: This quiz was designed by somebody who primarily played "Halo Reach" so this is based on their actions in that game. I am not knowledgeable about Honor Guards so please cut me some slack.

Created by: CrimsonRoyale

  1. What strategy do you favor?
  2. What armor ability would you choose?
  3. What is your motivation for war?
  4. What scenario suits you best?
  5. What is your vehicle of choice?
  6. What squad would you choose
  7. Would you rather command a invasion and/or a fleetor be on the ground fighting with you brothers?
  8. Your attack has failed and most of your soldiers are dead, what do you do?
  9. Your soldiers are rioting what do you do?
  10. Your fleet's capital ship has fallen and your the next in command, what do you do?
  11. How would you choose to invade an enemy planet?
  12. Are you tactical?

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Quiz topic: What Halo Elite rank am I?