are you a halo freak?

halo is a great game, but it can be a little over addictive. theres nothing wrong with videogames buts theres also nothing wrong with life. here an idea of a way to spend your time.

how good at halo are you? ahow much do you know? how much do you play? well, i say we find out! and remeber its might be better for you to do bad on this test instead of good

Created by: blarg
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  1. In the last level of halo 3, there is a structure, what other level is this structure on?
  2. What is the flood?
  3. what does ODST stand for?
  4. In the end of halo 3, does the Master Chief die?
  5. In Which game and level does cortana die?
  6. What are forerunner?
  7. how do you kill the scarab in halo 2?
  8. how do you kill the scarabs in halo3?
  9. in halo 3, what is the chiefs armor?
  10. in halo 3 you can unlock different armor to mix and match. how to you get the katana for a chest piece

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Quiz topic: Am I a halo freak?