Halo 3 Masterminds

Many people have Halo 3. Many people like playing it, too. But then there are the *Masterminds and Addicts* HINT HINT!The people who get up at 3 in the morning and line up at Game stop to be the first one to get Halo 3.

Are YOU one of those peolpe? Do you have the love for Halo 3 that few do to deserve that prestigious title- a Halo 3 mastermind? By taking this 12 question quiz...you can find out.

Created by: Mike

  1. Which answer describes the MAULER from Halo 3 the best?
  2. How many rounds does a Spiker (Type 25-Carbine)have in Halo 3?
  3. What is the prime human government in the Halo 3 universe?
  4. How is the magazine size of a M7057 Defoliant Projector Flamethrower measured?
  5. What is a Covenant Loyalist?
  6. What are the only two systems Halo games are made for?
  7. Can you change the color of your Halo avatar?
  8. Are you confused?
  9. Which gun would you rather have from Halo? (Choose wisely, this is BIG points!)
  10. What is the rate of fir of a BRUTE SHOT?

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