Do you really know Halo?

Well, this quiz starts out easy but gets very hard. You will not know some of the answers if you haven't read the books. Also I can guarantee that you will not get any questions right if you haven't played any of the Halo games.

Do you really know Halo? Do you think that you know more than me? I honestly doubt you do. I am sure that almost nobody will get 100% on this quiz unless they cheat... and don't cheat unless you want me to kill you... and I can legally do that because I'm awesome.

Created by: Daniel Willard
  1. Well, the questions will be very simple at first and get progressively harder. How many Halo games have there been?
  2. What is the main characters name in the Halo games?
  3. How many official books have been made based off of the Halo video games?
  4. What is Halo(the thing in the game, not the actual game)?
  5. Which of the following characters is not dead?
  6. How many species make up the Covenant?
  7. What is the main character of Halo's homeworld?
  8. What is Master Chief's full rank in the military?
  9. How many possible dual wielding combinations are there in Halo 3?
  10. What is the full name of the Slipspace Drive?
  11. What is the name of the species of the covenant that eventually joined the UNSC?

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Quiz topic: Do I really know Halo?