HALO QUIZ for the experienced

Halo is a first person sci fi shooter by Bungie games. When released it became an xbox top game. When its two sequals were released it broke records of the most sold games to date for the xbox and 360.

Halo is a complex game to figure out. Many stories bring this one story together. Books, comics, videogames, and graphic novels. this quiz will tell you if your really what you claim to be. Are you a Halo fan?

Created by: Blarg Honk
  1. What is Master Chiefs real name?
  2. Before the destruction of Halo Arbiter was a?
  3. What caused the Covenant Civil War?
  4. What is a brutes choice weapon?
  5. What happened to the Covenant holy City High Charity?
  6. What was the name of Captain keyes ship in Halo 1?
  7. The Covenant name for Jackel is?
  8. The M12 LRV is?
  9. Cortana is a ?
  10. How many Covenant ships were orignally going to Earth?
  11. What are Master Chiefs closest friends?
  12. The Br55 hb sr is the?
  13. What grenades stick.
  14. What directed energy weapon can lower shields in one shot.
  15. What type of ship was the Truth and Reconciliation.
  16. What is the UNSC's strongest weapon?

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