Harry Potter - O.W.L. Level Quiz

This is my second Harry Potter quiz with random trivia. I hope you enjoyed it. It was hard coming up with original questions. Please share with your friends!

It took me forever to think of questions for this next quiz. Please give me any feedback of you have any and be sure to check out the harry potter wiki for more stuff!

Created by: Tym Bartholomew

  1. What is the correct way of saying Alarte Ascendare?
  2. What is the Hogwarts school motto?
  3. You are fighting against a group of Snatchers and you are trying to get away. You notice in front of you is a bunch of boulders blocking the path. What spell would you use to make a quick path through the boulders?
  4. What rock group performed at the Yule Ball?
  5. Who is the lead singer for the Weird Sisters?
  6. Who says the following spell? "Eye of Rabbit, Harpstring Hum, Turn this water into rum."
  7. Which is not a magical creature?
  8. Brazil and Japan are playing for the Quidditch World Cup. If Brazil scored 20 goals and Japan scored 4 goals and caught the snitch, who won?
  9. Who were the four quidditch captains for Hogwarts in 1994?
  10. What is the only all-wizarding town in Great Britain?
  11. Which is not an international wizarding school?
  12. What can you not find in the Forbidden Forest?
  13. What was Pavarti Patil' boggart?
  14. What Wandmaker puts mother-of-pearl into his wands?
  15. What continent are Erumpent found?
  16. What is the native area for gillyweed?
  17. What are the 3 D's of apparition?
  18. What creature was Fluffy?
  19. Which one of these is not a dark artifact?
  20. Who was the final four teams in the 2014 Quidditch World Cup?

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