Harry Potter Book 6 Trivia

We all (or most of us) love Harry Potter! "The Boy Who Lived" & "The Chosen One" How much do YOU know about his 6th year at Hogwarts? Find out now! Are you a Potterhead or not? (don't be dissapointed if you're not)

Oh, some questions are VERY hard. I don't expect you to get them right UNLESS: you looked at the answers (me: cheater!) , memorized the book, or have it right in front of you. So...good luck & have fun!

Created by: AliceinNarnia
  1. Who's the author of this book?
  2. Does Harry goes out with...
  3. Harry went out with a...
  4. Why did Harry break up with his boy/girlfriend?
  5. What class was Harry REALLY good at?
  6. ^ Who/What helped him?
  7. Who dies in this book?
  8. How did the Death Eaters manage to get into Hogwarts?
  9. Back to question 7, who killed that person?
  10. ^ Why?
  11. What is the first word in this book?
  12. The name of Chapter 13 is...
  13. Ginny's nickname for Fleur is...
  14. Who cursed the neckless & poisoned Ron's drink?
  15. Who touched the neckless?
  16. Who did Harry take to Slughorn's Christmas Party?
  17. Who made the Unbreakable Vow
  18. What did Harry accuse Malfoy of?
  19. Who was under the Imperius Curse
  20. Who put him/ her under the Imperius Curse?
  21. Dumbledore drank a potion & is weak & needs help! When Dumbledore & Harry return to Hogwarts, who does Dumbledore ask Harry to call?
  22. Where did Dumbledore go when he wasn't at Hogwarts?
  23. Who took the Horcrux from the cave?
  24. What did Mundugus steal from the Blacks'?
  25. After Sirius died, Harry inherited...
  26. Professor Slughorn teaches...
  27. Snape teaches...
  28. How many chapters are in this book?
  29. Okay, this is the last question. Who's name is the mentioned at the end of this book?

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