Harry Potter Trivia- Book 1

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There are many Potter fans. Of course there is HP is really cool. But do you know book 1. really? or do you just think you do? Fine. Lets test it then...

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Created by: Jack Attack 1995
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  1. the following three questions are the difficult and practically impossible ones to answer unless you’ve memorized the entire book. Their worth the same amount as the rest but don’t feel bad if you don’t get them because really their groaners…
  2. Vernon Dursley works at what firm?
  3. What was the first owl that visited the Dursleys? (note: when Harry came to them in the 80’s)
  4. So… on what arm is Dumbledore’s map of the London underground scar?
  5. okay now the easier ones that most of you should know…
  6. what is harry’s cousins name?
  7. where did they all go to celebrate his cousin’s birthday?
  8. Who owns the robe fitting place in Diagon Alley?
  9. What is Harry’s wand core?
  10. What are the occupations of Hermione’s parents?
  11. Who is the ghost of Gryffindor?
  12. Harry plays what position on the Quidditch team?
  13. What was Fluffy guarding?
  14. How many points did Harry, ron and Hermione lose all together when they let Norbert go?
  15. Why did the stone come to Harry?
  16. What was the gift Hagrid gave to Harry in the end?
  17. and that’s that. so good luck and I hoped you enjoyed this quiz…

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