Feba's FFXI Test - Lv1

This is a simple test to determine your knowledge and skill in FFXI. Are you average? Will people create an epic drama thread about you some day? Are you a shining pinnacle of addiction? Take the test now, and find out.

While you might dismiss it as simple trivia, trivia is often what makes the player. Most people know basic game mechanics, and things like that can be debated over (DRK vs DRG). This is provable, backable, and shown to determine how much YOU know about Vana'diel.

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
In the "Fit for a Prince" quest, who does Halver propose for Trion's bride?
Cornelia (Present Day)
His own daughter
His younger sister
How do the farmers that own Rolanberry Fields see Goobbue?
As Pets
As Monsters
As Annoyances
As Friends
How did Kam'lanaut get a quick rise to fame in Jeuno?
Introduced modern people to Crystal Synthesis
Introduced modern people to Teleportation
Introduced modern people to En-spells
Inroduced modern people to popotos
How many charges are on a Reraise Earring?
Which of the following lines is from the quest "An Empty Vessel"?
"<playername>, you are a blue mage now. Go fill yourself with the knowledge of your enemies"
"It was you transplanted this insufferable Dragon's Claw!"
"A blue mage must wrest his strength and vitality from his opponents"
"<playername>... this will be a burden. Are you sure you want to go through with it?"
What does Lion promise to do after "It's all over"?
Settle down and raise a family.
Start a Mercenary service.
Sail around the world.
Which of the following is Incorrect?
Caedarva means Illusion
Urhgan means World
Wajoam means Abundance
Where in the game can a Dragon be seen sweeping over a lake at certain times?
Rolanberry Fields
Lufaise Meadows
The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
Which of these Weather Effects is possible?
Heat in Tahrongi Canyon
Snow in Battalia Downs
Wind in Eastern Altepa
Thunder in Yuhtunga Jungle
Which of these combinations to wear two relics at once is NOT possible?
Great Katana/Bow
What is the focus of the Warrior Artifact quests?
The armor of Raogrimm
An old series of galkan trials, used to test fighters
Recovering old relics for a Bastokan display
What is the focus of the Monk Artifact quests?
The story of Bastok's Mines.
An ancient tribe of Galkan monks.
the story of Cornelia (Present and Past)
What is the focus of Red Mage artifact quests?
Putting the souls of those killed in a great tragedy at ease.
Recovering the armor of a famous Red Mage of old.
Communicating with a dead father of a San d'Orian Knight.
A contest, designed by a famous Galka.
What is the focus of Black Mage artifact quests?
The secret of the Horutoto Ruins
Putting the souls of the living at ease.
Saving Windurst's Great Star Tree
Proving that to Shantotto that you deserve her armor
Finding out what happened to an old Galkan black mage.
Which effect does losing the Astral Candesance NOT have?
Sanction does not have an EXP bonus.
Aht Urhgan mobs have higher stats.
Shihu-Danhu warps even farther away from Jeuno
You can open the Gate:Hall of Binding
All of the above
None of the above.
In which of the following situations do you lose EXP?
Death in Beseiged
Death in ENM
Death in Promyvion
Which of the following levels is the closest to the halfway mark to 75? (EXPwise)
Raise2/3 aren't effective until level
Which of the following Third Party tools has SE endorsed?
Logitech G-15 keyboard
Nostromo Speedpad
Modem Standby Button
Which of the following jobs does NOT have an AF quest in Eastern Altepa desert?
How do you think you did on this test?
I got everything right, too easy
I think I got most of them right, but unsure about a few
I missed some, but I think I did ok.
I think I missed most of them.
I guessed. Randomly.

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