How much of a video game nerd are you?

Video games have fallen into a stereotype for as long as I can remember. Though, you will be surprised to find out around your school or work who plays video games and who doesn't. That nerdy guy who twiddles his thumbs all day? He watches the cage wrestling and is a certified life guard. That Beefy meat head? He was just seen running into his car as fast as he could with what seemed to be a copy of FFXI.

So, by taking this quiz, you will see once and for all what you are. Don't be afraid of the outcome, embrace it and move along in life. Some hobbies are not for everyone.

Created by: God
  1. If I were to say "OMG!!11!1! Teh HAXSORS BROKE INTO MY ACCOUNT!1!!!1!" You would
  2. Which of these console lines do you own?
  3. Which of these mmorpg's do you play?
  4. WOW!
  5. If I were to say "Lv.63WHM Looking for HL PTY. Have Cure 3 and Divine Light. IFG"
  6. Do any of these phrases mean anything to you?
  7. If you overheard a conversation about who was the best Nintendo character, you would
  8. When I say E3, you say
  9. During the console Wars, you
  10. "I'm going up against Sepheroth with a lv.22 party"
  11. Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, Street Fighters, Ness: When you think of these people, you think of

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Quiz topic: How much of a video game nerd am I?