Do You Know Mario, The Famous Videogame Character?

Do you know all about Mario, the world-famous videogame character? Can you get a good score to prove that you know him? Take my quiz and you will find out!

Mario is so cute with his mustache and little overalls and that cap, don't you think? Are you a Mario fanatic? This short quiz will answer it all for you.

Created by: Hinata
  1. Who is Mario's younger brother?
  2. Who is Mario's alter ego?
  3. Mario is the mascot for...?
  4. Who is Mario always fighting?
  5. Who was Shadow Mario in Super Mario Sunshine?
  6. How many Mario Party games are there so far?
  7. Mario used to be called...?
  8. What are those brown little things with feet called?
  9. When Mario gets a feather in Super Marioworld, what happens?
  10. Yoshi Song: "We ate

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Mario, The Famous Videogame Character?