Which Mario Character are you?

Mario is a great video game character. Almost everyone knows him. He's appeared in video games uncountable! Donkey Kong, Super Mario World, etc. In fact, a few people have an inner Mario character waiting to be free!

Who's YOUR inner Mario character? Most people go their whole lives without knowing it! But no longer, as this quiz will simply give you the answer! (Well, based on the answers YOU give the quiz!) Remember, make your answers honest, or you'll end up with the wrong guy!

Created by: Telamon
  1. Are you afraid of the dark?
  2. You see a bag of gold! What do you do?
  3. You'd describe yourself as...
  4. If you ruled the world, what would be the first law you made?
  5. Do people ever call you a sore-loser?
  6. You're motto is...
  7. What do you do on your free time?
  8. What are your true colors?
  9. Who's your favorite Mario character?
  10. Who's your LEAST favorite Mario character?

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Quiz topic: Which Mario Character am I?