The ultimate Mario and Koopa Kooky quiz

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This is the ultimate Mario quiz. There are 20 questions. This quiz follows Main line Mario games, and spin-offs alike. This is for hardcore Mario trivia fans, but you can take it for fun.

Do not get mad if you get a bad score, it's just for fun. I did not know a lot of this stuff originally! If this is hard for you, than good, that means your not a Mario geek! If this is easily for you, then you must be the Mario trivia champion.

Created by: Flowey the Flower
  1. What was the first game Mario was in?
  2. On the Super Nintendo Entertainment System how many Mario related games are there?
  3. How many Dr. Mario games are there?
  4. The Koopalings are:
  5. In Mario party 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, what are Bowsers kids/minions called?
  6. Is What are the Koopalings names in the cartoons?
  7. What is one Power up from Super Mario Bros. 3 that never returned?
  8. Who is the main villain of Super Mario Bros. 2?
  9. What are the names of the Koopalings in the Super Mario Brothers Super Show?
  10. What year did the first Mario Tennis game release?
  11. What is the Donkey Kong game that released in 2007?
  12. Which Paper Mario game played way differently than the others?
  13. How many Mario games does the 3DS and DS have combined?
  14. What is the name of the dinosaur in Super Mario World that lives on chocolate Island, and turns into smaller dinos when stomped on?
  15. What types of piranha plants are found in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time?
  16. Are the Koopalings in all New Super Mario Bros. games?
  17. In the game Mario's cement factory (modern) what tries to play pranks on Mario, Toad, and Yoshi?
  18. Was Mario Bros. on the Atari?
  19. Are the Koopalings in the DLC for Super Mario Odyssey?
  20. How many times has Bowser appeared in the main line Mario games? (Not Counting Spin-offs.)

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