what mario kart character are you?

mario kart the best racing game to date first appeared on the SNES a horribly violent game that touched the hearts of children around the world but now in modern day we see the underlying meaning of the game

but which character are you most like? thanks to this extrodinary quiz we can determine which character most represents you and your driving abilities

Created by: Gary

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  1. if you could pick an ideal weapon what would it be?
  2. if someone knocked over you pint what would you do?
  3. are you a sore looser?
  4. if someone offered you a drug what would it be?
  5. if you could have any car what would it be?
  6. what are your relationships like?
  7. when driving what do you prefer to listen to?
  8. what profession do you work in?
  9. what are you like when around a group of friends
  10. what year were you born in?

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Quiz topic: What mario kart character am I?