I'm an average person with an average life and sometimes wonder who else like me is out there? Take my quiz and see how you score. Are you and I alike or are we totally opposite? What am I like? Remember, if you woke up this morning then you got another chance!

Sometimes it's fun to know you're not the only one out there with your points of view. This quiz will either let you know you have at least one person who agrees with you or validate that maybe you are the only person who thinks the way you do... kidding! It's part of my sense of humor. Enjoy!

Created by: Karenot of Myspace
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  1. You've lost your keys before
  2. You would never run out of gas
  3. When it comes to giving money to the homeless
  4. You are a morning person
  5. You have a dog
  6. You trade cars in almost every other year
  7. When it comes to people smacking, slurping or eating
  8. You love the rain
  9. When it comes to confrontation
  10. When it comes to rearranging your home and office
  11. When it comes to shaking hands
  12. When it comes to road signs
  13. When it comes to being on time
  14. When it comes to cooking
  15. When it comes to one year anniversaries
  16. You like to take naps
  17. When you were a child, you had an imaginary friend
  18. You love kids
  19. You tend to be sarcastic and humorous
  20. When someone asks you for a favor you
  21. Photographs mean a lot to you
  22. You tend to be an extreme kind of person
  23. You maintain a positive attitude
  24. When it comes to cleaning
  25. When it comes to shopping
  26. When it comes to renting movies
  27. You tend to be easily offended
  28. When it comes to family
  29. When it comes to traveling
  30. The type of restaurants you prefer
  31. When it comes to fate
  32. If a family crisis were to happen
  33. When it comes to animal cruelty, world hunger or other major problems in society
  34. When it comes to your driving recrod
  35. Your a cautious person
  36. When it comes to being a parent
  37. When it comes to taking care of a parent
  38. When it comes to your past
  39. When it comes to marriage
  40. More people should be like me

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Quiz topic: HOW MUCH LIKE ME am I?