Queen Bee, Wannabe, or Average

There are many different kinds of people but the most common types are Queen Bee, Wannabe or Average. Queen Bee's are the rulers of the pack. Wannabe's are the followers and often want to have everything.

Average is the type of person who doesn't care about being known or not. They just want to live a nice life. Are you one of these types people? If so, which one are you? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: ginnyforever2

  1. Do you want to be famous someday?
  2. Do you like to lead?
  3. Do you think life is about getting what you want?
  4. Would you call yourself as a nice person?
  5. What's your favorite animal?
  6. Do you find yourself wanting something everyday?
  7. What would you be in a hive of bees?
  8. What's your favorite thing to do
  9. Will you comment and rate this quiz? (No effect)
  10. What do you think you are going to get?

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