Not so easy S.O.A. Quiz

I've taken a bunch of these SOA quizzes and they're for the general knowledge fans. This one will take some thought and dedication to the show to get an average score.

If you actually pay attention and read some of the information on the net than you should be able to gain an average score at least. Try it out and see where you stand.

Created by: Chuck

  1. In John Teller's Manuscript, Which of the following offered "Escape"?
  2. The show has a few fictional MC's. Which of these clubs are portrayed by an actual Motorcycle Club?
  3. It's been addressed that Tig has an unnatural taste for certain things in his personal life. Which of these acts has he been hinted to have engaged in?
  4. What was the Inspiration for the Club Name?
  5. How Many surviving members are there of the "First 9"?
  6. Which Character does not have the Club Patch tattooed on his back?
  7. Both Tig and SOA creator Kurt Sutter share a common Phobia. What is it?
  8. One Member of the Sons is an actual Member of the largest 1% club in the World. Who is it?
  9. The "Glasgow Grin" on Chibs' Face given to him by Jimmy O'Phelan are real scars on Tommy Flanagan. What Happened?
  10. "Tell your dirtbag buddies, if they steal from Samcro, they get some of this" What do you get?

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