Acts Chapter 13-18

We can all be a genius if we just try! Knowledge is precious never say its too hard! Try harder until its easy! If everyone understood the bible this world would be better place! Never give up on understanding Gods word! If everything was easy how boring would this world?

Until you took this quiz you never new how you would do! But in just few moments you will find out! if you are not happy with them then just study and come back and take it again!

Created by: Hope

  1. Who did Paul see in his vision?
  2. Why did Paul cut off his hair?
  3. What cities did Paul visit on his way back to Jerusalem?
  4. What cities did Paul visit on his way back to Jerusalem?
  5. How did the brethren react to Barnabas and Paul?
  6. How did Paul and Barnabas appoint elders?
  7. Where did Saul and Barnabas go first when they arrived in Cyprus?
  8. Who was Paul's companion on the second journey?
  9. Who was Saul's companions on the fist journey?
  10. How did the Corinthians react to the gospel message?
  11. Why were Paul and Silas brought before the magistrates?
  12. What caused the uproar at Thessalonica?
  13. Why was Paul's spirit "provoked" while in Athens?
  14. What encouragement did Paul receive after he was shut does by Corinthians?
  15. What did Paul "prove" at the synagogue at Thessalonica?
  16. What is the "Areopagus" (Mars' Hill)?
  17. What happened at Areopagus?
  18. What was the Macedonian call?
  19. At the very beginning of chapter 16 who joins the journey?
  20. How were the Gentiles to be saved?

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