Acts Chapters 13-18

This about Acts 13-18 in the NIV Bible. It is a basic overview of events, and key things that happened. It tells a lot of events that happened to Paul, Silas, and Barnabus as they traveled.

This quiz isn't too bad, just study the notes beforehand, and you should be fine! Many of the questions are just process of elimination, and are not too hard. Good luck!

Created by: Brandon
  1. Who were Saul's companions on his first journey?
  2. What happens on the island of Paphos? (13:6-12)
  3. How many places did Paul go to on his first missionary journey?
  4. What day was the Sabbath?
  5. What happened at Lystra?
  6. What happened when Paul and Barnabus went to Lystra, Iconium, Antioch, and Perga for a second time?
  7. Who thought that the Gentiles should not be troubled by Jewish laws but should not offend the Jewish believers?
  8. Who were Paul's companions on his second journey?
  9. Who thought that John Mark should be able to travel with Paul and Barnabus?
  10. Who joins the group?
  11. Who was the author of Acts?
  12. What was the purpose of Paul's second missionary journey?
  13. What forbid Paul's group to go to Asia or Bithnyia?
  14. What was Paul's vision about when he was in Troas?
  15. Who was the first European convert?
  16. What did Paul do to help the possessed girl?
  17. How did Paul and Silas get out of the jail at Philippi?
  18. Why were the Jews rioting against Paul and Silas at Thessalonica?
  19. Did the townspeople of Berea receive Paul and Silas's message better?
  20. How did the Jews react to Paul's preaching of Jesus in Corinth?

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