Acts 13-18:22 Quiz on Paul's first and second journey

This quiz is based on most of Acts 13-18:22, if you are wanting to kern a few things about bible history and a few chapters of Acts then this is the quiz for you!

Do you know about Acts 13-18? Are you up to test your knowledge of part of the Bible (KJV), if so than take my test and see if you're as smart as you think.

Created by: Austin
  1. Who chose Barnabas to travel with Paul on his first missionary trip?
  2. What was the first city Paul and Barnabas traveled to once they were on the isle of Cyprus?
  3. Did Sergius Paulus want to hear bout the Word of God?
  4. What was the city of Athens wholly given to?
  5. What happened to the prison keeper once the prisoners where all set free?
  6. Why did Paul refuse to leave the city quietly in Acts 16: 35-40?
  7. What profession did Paul partake in while in the Corinth in Acts 18?
  8. Who did Paul craft tents with in Acts 18?
  9. Timothy's mom was a ______?
  10. Timothy had to be ______ for the jews to listen to him.
  11. What woman was converted and baptized in Acts 16: 11-16?
  12. Why were Paul and Barnabas called "Hermes" and "Zeus"?
  13. What did Paul and the men from Judea get into an argument about?
  14. Who exerted the men in Acts 15:30-35?
  15. Why was Timothy circumcised?
  16. Why were Paul and Silas brought unto the magistrates in Acts 16: 11-40?
  17. Why was Paul's spirit "provoked" while in Athens?
  18. Who spoke to Paul in Acts 18:9-10?
  19. Why did Paul cut his hair off at Cenchrea?
  20. What Sea was the isle of Cyprus in that Paul traveled to on his journeys?

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