Which Acts (Bible) Character are You?

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There are many, MANY, characters recorded in Acts. I have made a list of notable ones, most of which people don't know about. But of course there is Peter, and Phillip in the possible outcome as well.

Anyway, see who, of these characters you are. Including both women and men, and many different possible answers. If your unsure of who a character is, visit Acts to find them!

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  1. Are you a Christian?
  2. Do you understand the Bible?
  3. Could you recognise your pastor by his voice (if you have one)?
  4. Do you automatically think bad thoughts about people of different races, or gender? (Even if you try not to)
  5. Do you work so everyone can see what you've done, or because you like doing a good work?
  6. Do you stand out from a crowd?
  7. Would you stand up for your friends, if they were being treated badly?
  8. Are you a leader?
  9. Do you have a serious flaw? (Sorry, just thought it was funny - I mean, doesn't everyone?)
  10. Are you faithful?
  11. Are you Loyal?
  12. Are you a hard worker?
  13. Do you believe things easily?
  14. Do you think you'll go down in history?
  15. Do you read a lot?
  16. Are you a servant of the people?
  17. Strongest asset?

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Quiz topic: Which Acts (Bible) Character am I?