A2 History Civil War Quiz

Trivia on the period 1629-1667 for Edexel A Level History GCE (A2). Test your knowledge of dates, acts and actions made by Cromwell, Charles I and other notable people.

The quiz is multiple choice, so you have a range of options. If you don't know, guess wildly and see how it turns out. Hell, it can only go so wrong, amirite?

Created by: Tired Student

  1. In which year did Laud become Archbishop of Canterbury?
  2. When was the first Bishop's War?
  3. What legislation did Pym use against the Earl of Strafford?
  4. Which of these WAS restored in the 1660s?
  5. Which of these was NOT one of Cromwell's concerns about the Nayler case in 1656?
  6. When were the two Triennial Acts?
  7. The following are names of radical religious groups, with one politically radical group. Which is the political one?
  8. In late 1642, what happened to prevent Charles I from capturing London?
  9. When was the Cony case?
  10. When did Cromwell become Lord General of the Army?
  11. Why did Cromwell reject the offer of the Crown in 1657?
  12. How long did the first protectorate parliament exist before Cromwell dissolved it?
  13. Which of these was NOT a promise made in the Declaration of Breda?
  14. When was Venner's rising?
  15. When was Booth's rising?
  16. When was the Battle of Marston Moor?
  17. How many editions did the Eikon Basilike sell in one year?
  18. Which of these is NOT another name for the Nominated Assembly?
  19. What did Cromwell to do ensure the king's execution?
  20. Which of these was NOT an act passed during the Restoration to ensure religious conformity?

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