What is your faction in Restoration Scotland?

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The Restoration (1660-88) was a tense and challenging period in Scottish History. As Scots worked through the ramification of the mid-century Civil Wars (1638-60) and tried to figure out what kind of kingdom they wanted, a range of often wildly diverging political visions emerged and competed. Many of these centred on the questions of religious conformity and whether Scotland's national Church should be Episcopalian or Presbyterian

But where would you have stood if you had been around in Restoration Scotland? Would you have been a rabid supporter of the king, an irreconcilable dissident, or something in-between? Take our quiz to find out which political faction you belonged to in Restoration Scotland!

Created by: Dr Allan Kennedy of Centre for Scottish Culture, Dundee
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  1. Was the Act Recissory (1661), which annulled all legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament since 1633, a good idea?
  2. Was Charles II's government right to oversee the restoration of Episcopacy in 1662?
  3. The creation of a permanent militia after 1668, charged primarily with maintaining order and helping collect taxes, was...?
  4. Was it appropriate for Charles II to be declared head of the Church in 1669?
  5. Did you support the abortive negotiations for commercial union with England in 1669-70?
  6. What is your view of Parliamentary opposition to royal policies in the 1670s and 1680s?
  7. What is your opinion of the Duke of Lauderdale, who was Charles II's chief minister in Scotland for most of his reign?
  8. Was the Scottish Parliament right to pass the Test Act (1681), primarily aimed at securing the succession of Charles II's brother James, duke of Albany?
  9. Did you support Argyll's Rising against James VII (1685), in which he claimed that James's succession was illegitimate?
  10. What is your view of James VII's Toleration Edicts (1687), which eventually permitted almost all forms of dissenting worship?

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Quiz topic: What is my faction in Restoration Scotland?