How Glasgow are you?

There are many who think they know a lot about the Scots but how valid are their opinions? Have you ever experienced the Glasgow hospitality first hand?

Are you that Genius? do you deserve the crown of King Weegie? Only time will tell, if you can stay or if you'll be sent name tae think again, Oh Flower of Scotland...

Created by: David Reid
  1. What does 'Glasgow' literally mean?
  2. What is the correct slang nickname of Glasgow?
  3. What's the oldest building in Glasgow
  4. If you had a wee dram what would you be drinking?
  5. Where in the City is Hampden park
  6. What River does Glasgow sit on
  7. What's a Glasgow Kiss
  8. If you were in the Swavy Savvy what would you be doing
  9. What was Glasgow's original twinned City
  10. If you 'Did a Dexies' what would you have done?
  11. What's the statue in Royal Exchange Square that repeatedly has a traffic cone placed on its head?
  12. What in Glasgow is known as ' a piece'
  13. If you were going 'up the road' where would you be going?
  14. Where in Glasgow is Charing Cross Station?
  15. What in Glasgow is referred to as 'Ginger'
  16. What's the Motorway that runs through Glasgow City Centre
  17. The Heilanmans Umbrella is what?
  18. What's the nickname of the Glasgow underground train
  19. The Glasgow underground train system is referred to as what
  20. When was Glasgow awarded the City of Culture

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Quiz topic: How Glasgow am I?