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Are you from Scotland? What do you know about Scottish culture and history? On this page we will add quizzes about Scotland and its municipalities.


  • GlasgowWhat is your connection to Scotland's largest city?

Our Scotland Quizzes

  • How Vale Are You? [Scotland]
    [by: Jeelyeater, rated: rated: 3.37/5, published: Nov 15, 2013]

    This quiz is designed for Vale folk just to see what you know about the place. Do you know your Glens from your Robsons? Your Pepes from Carmens?..

  • How Scottish are you?
    [by: Jen, rated: rated: 2.84/5, published: Dec 4, 2006]

    89% of people in the world think they are Scottish. And what's not to love. But as a nation of 5 million, at least a hundred million people out there are lying.

Glasgow Quizzes

  • How Glasgow are you?
    [by: David Reid, rated: rated: 3.56/5, published: Nov 11, 2013]

    There are many who think they know a lot about the Scots but how valid are their opinions? Have you ever experienced the Glasgow hospitality first hand?

  • Which member of the Glasgow indie scene are you?
    [by: playpiece, rated: rated: 3.1/5, published: Nov 21, 2014]

    Glasgow is the home of indie music! But which of the city's fine musicians most closely matches your personality? Are you Belle of the Ball or Aidan and…

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