How Scottish Are You?

There are many Scottish people, and there are many people who want to be Scottish, but just how Scottish are you? From John O'Groats to Greenock, this land is filled with history, culture and myths. Just how much do you know!

How Scottish are YOU? Take this quiz made by a genuine Scottish person, to find out just how much you know! It takes 2 minutes, and you'll know whether you should take up bagpipes lessons, or just drown your sorrows.

Created by: Ann O'Nymus
  1. Who is William Wallace?
  2. What is the traditional tartan skirt like garment that men wear?
  3. What is our national soft drink, or Scotland's 'other' drink?
  4. What alcoholic drink are we most famed for?
  5. What is our national animal?
  6. What's the adopted national anthem?
  7. Fill in the blanks; You go to Edinburgh for the ---, and Glasgow for the ---.
  8. The largest city in Scotland is
  9. The capital of Scotland is
  10. The weather is most commonly;
  11. The Loch Ness Momster resides in;
  12. The word 'steaming' refers to;

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Quiz topic: How Scottish am I?