Basics of Scottish History Quiz: The Jacobites

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Scotland is a country that likes to revel in the supposed romance of its past. And no aspect of Scottish History has been so thoroughly romanticised as the Jacobite movement. From 'Bonnie Dundee' to 'Bonnie Prince Charlie', Killiecrankie to Culloden, Lady Nithsdale to Flora MacDonald, Jacobitism has been immortalised in print, in song, and on the screen. For many people, both within Scotland and elsewhere, the tales and iconography of the Jacobite age are at the core of their understanding of Scotland's past.

But how much do YOU know about Scottish Jacobitism? Focusing largely - but not exclusively - on the various risings, our quiz will put you to the test. Will you turn out to be a budding expert on Jacobitism in Scotland? Or will you end up being revealed as totally clueless? There's only one way to find out...

Created by: Dr Allan Kennedy of Centre for Scottish Culture, Dundee
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  1. Near which burgh was the Jacobite standard raised in April 1689, signalling the start of the first Jacobite rising/Highland War?
  2. At which battle in July 1689 did the Jacobites defeat a Williamite army under Hugh Mackay of Scourie?
  3. Which nobleman was responsible for negotiating the treaty of Achallader (1691), by which most of the Jacobite leadership agreed (initially temporarily) to suspend hostilities in the first Jacobite rising/Highland War?
  4. Also known as the 'Scotch Plot', which alleged Jacobite conspiracy was revealed by Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat in 1703?
  5. Which admiral led the doomed Franco-Jacobite invasion attempt of 1708?
  6. Which Scottish town was used as the Jacobites' primary base and headquarters throughout most of the 1715 rising?
  7. At which site on 13 November was the main battle of the 1715 rising fought?
  8. After the 1715 rising, the government established a series of forts and garrisons in an effort to contain Jacobitism. Which of the following was NOT the site of one such garrison?
  9. Which castle was occupied by Jacobite forces during the 1719 rising, only to be destroyed by Royal Navy bombardment?
  10. Which battle ended the 1719 Jacobite rising?
  11. As the wife of James Francis Edward Stuart, whom did the Jacobites regard as Queen Consort of England, Scotland and Ireland from 1719 until her death in 1735?
  12. In which year was the Scottish Jacobite Association formed, with the intention of co-ordinating Jacobite activity across Scotland?
  13. The 1745-6 rising took place within the context of which major European war?
  14. Where did Charles Edward Stuart ('Bonnie Prince Charlie') make his first landfall in Scotland in 1745?
  15. At which battle in 1745 did the Jacobites defeat government forces under Sir John Cope?
  16. Which woman raised a force of several hundred clansmen for the Jacobite cause in 1745-6, giving her name to the resulting regiment and earning herself the sobriquet 'Colonel'?
  17. Which of the following activities was restricted by the Act of Proscription (1746), passed in response to the 1745-6 rising?
  18. Henry Benedict Stuart was the last of the main-line Jacobite claimants. When did he die?
  19. In terms of raw numbers of men fielded at its peak, which of the four Jacobite risings was the biggest?
  20. True or false: Most Jacobite supporters in Scotland were Roman Catholic?

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