Super-Hard Scottish History Quiz: 16th Century Edition

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The 16th century was a period of momentous change for Scotland. Swept by the Renaissance, the Reformation, foreign invasion and occupation, revolution, and Civil War, there was more to the Scottish experience of the 1500s than just the dramatic reign of Mary, Queen of Scots! But how well do you know this breathless century? Our fiendish quiz will let you test your knowledge.

But be warned: this is no ordinary quiz. These questions ask you about obscure or less well-known aspects of 16th-century Scottish History, some of them so esoteric that even specialists might struggle. So, are you well-versed enough to survive possibly the hardest Scottish History quiz on the internet? Click 'Start' to find out...

Created by: Dr Allan Kennedy of Centre for Scottish Culture, Dundee
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  1. To which foreign king did James IV send a force of 200 men in 1502 to help put down a domestic revolt?
  2. Alongside Caithness, which new sheriffdom was officially created out of Inverness-shire in 1504?
  3. At which French town did James V's Regent, Francis Stewart, Duke of Albany, sign a treaty renewing the Auld Alliance with France in 1517?
  4. Whom in the 1530s did James V commission to translate Livy's "History of Rome" into Scots?
  5. Which noblewoman was executed in 1537 for allegedly attempting to kill James V?
  6. Who did James V appoint as Lieutenant of the Borders in 1542, only to quickly dismiss him after his failure to follow up on the Scottish victory at the Battle of Haddon Rig?
  7. Which of the following was made illegal in 1555?
  8. At which royal residence did Mary I hold a magnificent baptismal triumph for her son in 1566?
  9. Who was arrested in 1568 for treason and using witchcraft against the regent, James Stewart, Earl of Moray?
  10. Alongside George Buchanan, who served as tutor to the young James VI in the 1570s?
  11. Which castle did James VI's Regent, Matthew Stewart, 4th Earl of Lennox, capture from the supporters of Mary Queen of Scots in April 1571?
  12. In which town was Scotland's first public (though not lending) library established in 1585?
  13. Over rights to which lordship did Queen Anna and the Chancellor, John Maitland of Thirlestane, engage in a protracted legal dispute during the 1590s?
  14. Which woman, thought to be the author of 'As phebus bricht', a poem in praise of erotic and spiritual love between women, died in 1596?
  15. To which institutions was the administration of poor relief transferred by an Act of Parliament of 1597?

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