Basics of Scottish History Quiz: Medieval Edition

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The Middle Ages were a crucial period in Scotland's History. It was during this era that Scotland formed and matured as a kingdom, striving to play a role upon the wider stage of medieval Europe while simultaneously having to defend its independence repeatedly in the face of a vigorous and aggressive England. But this was not just a period of political change and brutal warfare: it was also during the Middle Ages that Scottish culture and intellectual achievement flowered, producing a magnificent but often underappreciated legacy in literature, architecture, scholarship, and more besides.

But how much do YOU know about medieval Scotland? From kings and queens to poetry and universities, our quiz will test you on the basics of Scottish History from the 11th to the 16th centuries. Good luck!

Created by: Dr Allan Kennedy of Centre for Scottish Culture, Dundee
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  1. To which king was St Margaret (d.1093) married?
  2. Which king has traditionally been credited with introducing elements of feudalism into Scotland?
  3. What is the nickname usually associated with King William I (r.1165-1214)?
  4. What was the effect of the Papal Bull 'Cum universi' (1192)?
  5. Which abbey was founded in 1275 by Dervorguilla of Galloway as a tribute to her late husband?
  6. In which year was the death of Margaret, the Maid of Norway, an event that ultimately led to the Wars of Independence?
  7. In which battle did William Wallace win his only major military victory?
  8. To which Pope was the Declaration of Arbroath (1320) sent?
  9. In which year did the Black Death hit Scotland?
  10. At which battle in 1346 was King David II defeated and captured by English forces?
  11. Who was the first monarch of the Stewart dynasty?
  12. What title is associated with the powerful heads of the MacDonald family in the 14th and 15th centuries?
  13. Who in the 1370s wrote the epic Middle Scots poem 'The Brus', a major source for historians of the Wars of Independence?
  14. What is the name of the huge chronicle of Scottish History written by Walter Bower in the 1440s?
  15. Founded in 1451, which was Scotland's SECOND university?
  16. Which noble family, which had come to dominate Scottish affairs in the early 15th century, was destroyed by King James II in the 1450s?
  17. Which territory became part of Scotland as a consequence of King James III's marriage to Margaret of Denmark in 1469?
  18. At which battle in 1488 was James III defeated by the followers of his son, the soon-to-be James IV?
  19. What was the name of the English princess whom King James IV married in 1503, sealing the previous year's Treaty of Perpetual Peace between Scotland and England?
  20. Which Scottish king was assassinated in a Perth monastery?

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