What are you in a medieval war

DId you ever wanna know what role you would play in a middle ages war, even if you didn't you're still taking the quiz you have the option of 5 results so choose right

You better be honest because that's the only this quiz will work, also disclaimer this is all for fun so don't take it seriously now goodbye and have fun

Created by: Shoto

  1. How do you ack in a fight
  2. Do you like fighting in the dark or the light
  3. Do you like fighting
  4. What do you want to be
  5. Do you like the quiz
  6. Favorite Color
  7. Do you want the quiz to end
  8. Bye
  9. Jk what's your favorite weapon
  10. Ok now this is for real, BUH BYE

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Quiz topic: What am I in a medieval war