The warrior path: #5

Wow, five chapters! To celebrate getting this far, I'm going to have a special edition. This chapter's going to slow down and enjoy life's true bliss. But next time the action will start to heat up. At the end I'm going to start doing previews for the next chapter!

Now, the toms play a small role in this chapter, as they play a small role in the entire story. However, soon I'll have to choose a mate for them all.

Created by: S_E_
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  1. As Fernbreeze and Icefur go to exit camp, someone yells, "Wait! You need to choose a deputy." Icefur stops, and looks around. Seeming to have decided, he climbs the clantree once more. "My fellow clanmates, we shall prevent another death in battle by being a strong clan." He jumped back down. "Roseleaf, you don't go into battle until threatened by another clan. However, you lack the sense of when battle is the only choice. Spiderfur, will you be my deputy?"
  2. You wake up in your nest. Everybody else is gone, even Silverpaw and Russetpaw. Life wasn't about you anymore, but about the clan. Roseleaf at first was upset by not being deputy, but accepted it. She was then surised when Icestar asked her to be his mate! By the time you make it out of the den, the camp's all but desserted! Fernbreeze padds across thewwr jaw.
  3. As you step in, you see Moonpaw and Skypaw sitting with their father in the corner. Around Fernbreeze, you see Moonpaw's mother is kitting. You step out, and see Squirrelpaw and Cloudpaw stutter into camp. "Am I dreaming?" You ask them. "The other kits and queens are gone." Cloudpaw sits, and Squirrelpaw comes to you. "Don't worry, the other kits and queens left because of the kitting." She's using a light tone, but worry lies beneath.
  4. "And the Clan?" You ask. Foxpaw and Nightpaw rush in. "Mistpaw! What have you been doing? We need you on the battlefield!" Foxpaw yells. He looks at you. "Well?"
  5. "Mistpaw!" Someone shouts franticly. But it's foggy, like a memory. You wake up to see Stormstrike at your face. "Oh, thank Starclan, you're alive! You and Rainpaw wouldn't wake up!" You see you're in the medecine den.
  6. Roseleaf steps in. "Can I borrow you two?" You and Rainpaw follow her out the camp exit. "Let's sit." She had picked a spot on a hill over looking the territories. The forest, the river, the orchards, and the hills. It was a beautiful veiw.
  7. "You see girls," She starts,"I wasn't upset to not be deputy, rather, I accepted it. Just how I accepted that my sister wanted to be a medecine cat. Fernbreeze is still my sister. And just because she has different responsibilities than Stormstrike and I, we all have to keep faith that Starclan has a plan for us." She looks out over the valley as the sun begins to set. "Do you see what I'm saying? Even though Starclan has chosen higher destinies for you two, it doesn't mean you can lose faith. Just accept what they give you." She gets up and returns to camp.
  8. "The knowledge Roseleaf has given us will always be of importance," Rainpaw says. "Just look at the beautiful land we have to protect." And beautiful it is...
  9. ***The warrior path***
  10. Here's a special preview for number six!*** Rainpaw:*running*Come on Mistpaw, we need to find this evil and destroy it! Mistpaw:*also running* Yes, but remember what Fernbreeze said, we can't hurt the clanmates it inhabits! Look for part six!

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