The Warrior Path:#6

The final battle is begining! Tension starts to rise! Will all problem possibly be solved by the end of the twelve chapter max? Likely not! I'd like to apologize for my typo last chapter. It said: "Fernbreeze padded across thewwr jaw." But it should say: "Fernbreeze padded over to the nursery, with herbs in her jaw." Sorry!

I've taken Foxpaw(now Foxpelt) off the panel for character reasons. This story time skips, so here's all the warrior names: Mistpaw:Mistfur Rainpaw:Rainstrike Moonpaw:Moontail Skypaw:Skystorm Nightpaw:Nightleap Treepaw:Treeleaf Cloudpaw:Cloudchase Squirrelpaw:Squirrelberry and Gingerpaw:Gingerfur.

Created by: S_E_

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  1. You wake up to a peaceful camp. The den is silent, and nothing could seem wrong. Roseleaf pads up to you. "Do you want to go hunting?" You nod, but she leads you up the hill.
  2. Roseleaf turns to you. "I spoke to my sister today. I'm going to have kits. I wanted to know if you'll let me name one after you." Unsure what to do, you nod. She smiles. "The three of us were once part of a prophecy,"
  3. "'To guide the chosen ones.' That's why StormStrike is your mentor, and Fernbreeze and I are your friends."
  4. She giggles. "Yes, we are." The smile drains from her face. "But the dark forest is training cats." You gasp. "Like who?" She gulps. "Foxpaw."
  5. "You need to get back to camp. It looks like Moonpaw and Skypaw are heading out for their exams." You can hear Skypaw chattering like a squirrel."
  6. Three moons pass. You've all become warriors. You head over to eat with Squirrelberry and Cloudchase, when Stormstrike bursts into camp. "The dark forest are attacking!
  7. Fernbreeze rushes over to Icestar. She warns him of the prophecy. "Very well then. Mistfur! Rainstrike! I want you in the battle squad!"
  8. You remember about the dark forest, and tell Rainstrike. "What? The dark forest is inhabiting clan cats? Including my brother?" You nod.
  9. Rainstrike keeps running. "We need to stop this evil without hurting the clan cats!" You nod. "And fast!" It inhabits the weak-willed. I think at one point all the toms were controled!"
  10. She stops. "We can't do this! It's not like Starclan gave use any magical help!" "That's why we're here!" You turn to see Cloudchase, Squirrelberry, and Gingerfur behind you.
  11. Gingerfur steps over to Rainstrike. "We'll protect this clan even if I have to claw Foxpelt's face off!" "That's the spirit!" Nightleap, Moontail, Skystorm, and Treeleaf step up.
  12. **The Warrior Path**
  13. Chapter seven: Gingerfur: Don't worry, we can handle it! Nightleap: Yeah, I know how they think! Mistfur(you): Starclan help us...

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