The warrior path: #4

Im so sorry this took so long. This edition is very emotional, so it took me awhile. Also, I've decided to have auditions. I'm going to put more information about It in the second paragragh.

So, I'm looking for a warrior to be deputy. It cant be a cat from an existing story, the idea has to be original. Gender doesn't matter though. Just post the name, gender, and looks in the comments page.

Created by: S_E_

  1. In the meadow, you feel like a kit again. With no responsibilities, no jobs... You suddenly see a cat walking towards you. No, it's three cats. You dont reconize them, or their scent. The first, a gray tom, approaches you. "Young apprentice," He starts, his blue eyes sightless. "The path your paws are on lead to... sacrifice." He lingers, almost as if remembering a lost cat. A gray she-cat steps up. "It leads to lies," Then the third, a golden tom steps up. "And secrets. Please, be careful." And with that, the meadow dissapears, and fades to the dark of sunrise.
  2. Walking out of the den, you see a rattled Rainpaw. "Bad dream?" You ask. "Yeah," She replies. "Do you wanna go for a walk?"
  3. The two of you start walking, but outside of the camp, the toms are waiting for you. "Come with us." Nightpaw says. Him and Foxpaw stay on either side of you two, and Moonpaw stays behind.
  4. They stop by a tree. "You need to choose." Nightpaw says. "Mistpaw, what are they talking about?" Rainpaw shouts, as Foxpaw holds her back. "Shut up!" He says. "If you can't choose one, we'll have to fight!" He yells. Moonpaw shows sympathy somewhere, but lust, greed, and jealousy cover it. Just as you think the toms will kill you, a branch snaps, and the toms go back to normal.
  5. Two rouges bound out of the undergrowth. "We want to see your leader." One says, a silver she-cat with icy blue eyes. The other is a russet furred she-cat with the same icy blue eyes.
  6. When you arrive back at camp, Rainpaw leads you around to the back of Graystar's den. "We want to join your cats." The silver she-cat says. Through a hole in the den wall, you see a rather grumpy Graystar. "I'm Sophie," She says, then nodds to the other cat. "This is my sister Russet."
  7. Graystar nods. "Very well.You will train with our aprentices." Rainpaw leads you to the center of camp. "All cats old enough to catch their own prey, meet below the clan tree! I have an anouncement." He grits his teeth.
  8. When Graystar gives the rouges aprentice names, the clan goes wild. OakLeaf jumps in front of the crowd. "I'm sure Graystar has a perfectly good reason!" She yells. Silverpaw-Sophie- and Russetpaw-Russet- slip away quietly.
  9. Graystar looks at FernBreeze. "And I am on my last life. IceFur, you will make a great leader." He said. Suddenly, Stormlight bursts into camp. "Birdclan is attacking!"
  10. Graystar panicks. "OakLeaf, choose four cats to gaurd camp! Keep Silverpaw and Russetpaw close!Everybody else follow me!" Thankfully Graystar puts the toms into the other group. You charge at the first cat you see, and you keep fighting until Icefur yells, "Retreat!"
  11. Once back in camp, you hear Stormlight say, "I'll kill JayStarfor what he did!" You see that GrayStar had been killed. Icefur climbs the clantree. "My fellow clanmates, you have lost a leader, a mentor, and," He swipes his tail across his eyes. "And a friend. But I will avenge the death of Graystar. He was my best friend, and I will be the best leader possible!" He shouts. Sombody chants: "Icestar! Icestar!" It's Oakleaf. You remember that Graystar was her mentor. The whole clan joins in as Fernbreeze leads him to the Moon shrine.

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