Your Warrior Cat Life

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Warrior Cats rule the forests that we don't know are there. Some are brave, noble leaders! Some are confused and lost kits! Whatever they are, they are all one in the world of warriors. This test shows fate...

What is your fate? Your path in this forest. Were you part of a prophecy, and rose to be leader? Or did you keep it low, with a simple warriors life. Love and laughter- all within this test.

Created by: Laryssa
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  1. RPG time! You are born into which clan...?
  2. RPG Time! You are curled up in the nursery, the gentle patter of rain outside is slowly lulling you into sleep. You can feel the soft rising and falling of your mother's soft, pink, warm belly as she sleeps. You can here the satisfied purrs and squeaks as your siblings sleep. You are the only one awake. There is a draft coming from somewhere, rain splatters your nose. A gap in the thorn walls! Do you escape?
  3. You escaped somehow! (If you didn't, click bottom answer)What happens?
  4. It is the morning. Where do you wake up?
  5. You are now an apprentice! What is your first duty!
  6. Ahh... You just got back from a hard day of training. What do you pick from the Fresh Kill Pile?
  7. As you eat, you notice an apprentice, about your age, looking at you. You look back, and he/she blushes and looks away. What do you do?
  8. You are a warrior. The thrill of camp cheering your name sent sparks pulsing through your body. The cat you have a crush on/crushes you pads over. What do you say?
  9. You awake to a surprise. What is it?
  10. You watch your kits become apprentices. You cheer there names. What is your rank at this point in time? (LAST QUESTION)

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